Aug 09

American Idol’s Katherine Mcphee To Star In Indie Film

Many American Idol contestants have lingered in the limelight even after their stint on the popular talent competition. Apart from a successful career in the music industry, former American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson has already graced the film world with the movie From Justin to Kelly. Jennifer Hudson, former season three finalist, has also established a career in acting, acquiring many awards for the 2006 musical film Dreamgirls. Now, another former Idol finalist will be penetrating the big screen and she comes in the form of Katherine McPhee.

McPhee has reportedly signed on to star in a new movie entitled The Last Caller, which is actually her second movie following her minor appearance in Crazy. As the lead character, she plays the role of a self-obsessed woman who searches for love and meaning.

Produced by Hit and Rub Productions Hilary Shor (Children of Men) and Zenith Film Group’s Nicholas Cokas, the indie film will fall under the budget of $5 million to $8 million range. Written by Michael Albanese, the dark comedy is scheduled to start in the fall in and around New York.

McPhee, a 23-year old native of Los Angeles, California, is best known as a finalist on the fifth season of American Idol. Despite not being hailed as the winner of the show, she has acquired a recording contract with Sony BMG

s RCA Records. Apart from releasing her album, she has been on tour with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and has performed in three of his concerts. As an actress, she has appeared on shows like Ugly Betty, The Tyra Banks Show, Rachael Ray, Entertainment Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In addition, she has also co-produced a play entitled Red Herring. Prior to entering showbiz world, she has worked in

Aug 09

Current Music News and Articles

Have you ever discovered a great new song/ artist and wondered how to keep up with their career? There are so many music artists out there that keeping up with your favorite can be a unique challenge. Of course, there is the option of going to their official website periodically, but that may not give you all the information you desire! Here are a few great ways to stay abreast of current music news and current music articles.

Music Blogs

Your first stop for current music articles or current music news should be any one of the many different music blogs. Fans and even the artists themselves will often start a blog to keep fans updated on the latest goings ons and upcoming events. New albums, new songs, tour dates and sometimes even a bit of gossip can be found on current music news blogs.

A simple Google search containing the name of the artist and the word blog should provide you with several different music blogs. The key to choosing the best blog is looking at the date of the latest post and post frequency. No point in following a blog in which the last post is nearly a year old!

Google Alerts

If you have a gmail account, you can stay up to the minute on current music news by setting Google Alerts. These are short emails containing links to current music articles and content based on the parameters you set. You can choose the main keyword phrase, such as Nickelback or George Strait as well as the frequency of the updates. Google alerts have several settings including everything, weekly and daily alerts.


Have you found a great site for current music news but do not necessarily want to visit the site each day? Check for a

Aug 08

Spotify Music Ripping Tips

Really enjoy listening to your favourite songs on spotify but wish to copy them as mp3 formats? Please read on to uncover exactly why we are utilizing spotify rippers to transfer their top music.

Spotify is a new music player software ,It lets people to stream unlimited tracks from all your favored music artists for totally free. This is available in 2 versions, free (no charge) and premium (9/30 days).

The invitation only free version gives you to listen to tracks for free and is paid for by adverts that you get from every few tracks. The premium version is a membership based that would mean that for a per month payment you can enjoy to music advertisement free and in highest quality. Spotify is avaliable for Microsoft windows, Apple computer, Unix and in a mobile version for phones such as the Andriod phone. More information are available on the Spotify own site. More and more countries now have use of the service and also the number of regions supported is expanding.

Plenty of people question if they’d like to keep the tracks to their own harddisks. This could be due to points such as when their internet service drops or to transfer the music on their MP3 players when moving around.

spotify ripper is a answer and also a lot of people are surprised to find out that ripping music from spotify is considered eligible. It is not that spotify want someone for this, in fact, it is going against their agreements. It’s best to read your own countries regulations but normally ripping streamed songs is considered the just like recording audio from the radio.

But, never share the records as file sharing IS considred not legal. There is no way for Spotify to know that you’ve recorded music from their service unless

Aug 07

The Day Of Rock & Roll Music

Rock ‘n’ roll (often written as rock & roll or rock ‘n’ roll) is a genre of popular music that evolved in the United States after World War II in the late 1940s from a combination of the rhythms of the blues, from the African American culture, and from America’s country music and gospel music scenes.

Rock ‘n’ Roll started after the year 1955 and the genre emerged as a defined musical style in America in the 1950s, though elements of rock and roll can be seen in rhythm and blues records as far back as the 1920s.

Rock ‘n’ Roll, also called Rock, is a form of popular music, usually featuring vocals (often with vocal harmony backing), electric guitars and saxophone in the early days. Rock ‘n’ roll of the late 1950s relied heavily upon 12-bar blues and 32-bar song forms.

The music arrived at a time of considerable technological change, soon after the development of the electric guitar, amplifier and microphone, and the 45 rpm record. It did, however, have a greater emphasis on the backbeat than boogie woogie.

Rock and roll appeared at a time when racial tensions in the United States were entering a new phase, with the beginnings of the civil rights movement for desegregation, leading to the Supreme Court ruling that abolished the policy of “separate but equal” in 1954, but leaving a policy which would be extremely difficult to enforce in parts of the United States.

Rock ‘n’ roll is often identified with the emergence of teen culture among the first baby boomer generation, who had both greater relative affluence, leisure, and who adopted the music as part of a distinct sub-culture.

It emerged in the USA in the mid-1950s as a development of rhythm-and-blues, but whereas rhythm-and-blues had an almost

Aug 05

How To Market An Indie Fashion Brand

You might be an Indie fashion designer, an independent new designer with your own brand. It is not easy to compete with established brands and designers. Read more to find out how to market your own Indie label.

If you participate in making your products, you can try to market your product through craft fairs and online handmade venues. You may also set up your own online shop. This is far cheaper than establishing a brick and mortar shop. However, it is recommended that you have a brick and mortar shop later on when you have enough money.

Remember that you need to optimize your online shops. The most important of all is to take the best photo shoot as you can. Take your own pictures or hire a photographer if you have to. It is important that your pictures can spark the interest of your potential customers.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is crucial in online marketing. You need to optimize your shop, either you open a shop at a venue or setting your website. There are tons of other products and you need to make sure customers will find yours first before the others. Every site has its own promoting strategy that works and you need to be familiar with every one of them in each venue you are participating. Although this takes time, it is a way to stand out among other artisans and designers.

It is not wise to put all your eggs in a basket. Do spread your marketing effort in several venues, online or local. You might want to consider consigning your products at local boutiques.

The last thing to do is to advertise. Find the communities that actively search for Indie labels. There are many places where Indie fashion designers and artisans can promote their products. You can

Aug 05

The Origin Of Indian Classical Music

Indian classical music is said to have its origins in the Vedas, the oldest scriptures in the Hindu culture. It is different from the western music style, inter alia, due to the fact that the music principle doesn’t focus on the harmony but rather on the melody itself.

Already in 2500B.C., in the time of the Indus Valley civilization, archaeological evidence proves the presence of the musical culture as identified from ancient terracotta and bronze figures as well as ancient seals. The figures and images feature the presence of music in the culture at this time, portraying musical instruments such as drums and harps as well as dancing people.

With the arrival of the Aryans around 1500 B.C., the Indus Valley civilization was pretty much submerged. The culture in the area took a turn toward chanted poetry addressed to the gods, a relic of which are the hymns of Rigveda, as well as other compositions such as the Yajurveda and other Vedas. The Vedic religion was based on sacrifices to the gods, with music being an essential part.

Starting from 500 B.C., Indian epic music evolved, with the introduction of the Ramayana, written in shloka form, referring to a type of metrical composition. In addition, the term Pathya was developed, which laid down the basics of making music, consisting of the number of notes to be used, the form of tone production, tonal arrangements, intonation modes and more.

The 500 years between 200 B.C. and 300 A.D. reveal an interesting development to music: with the historical and religious tradition which was related to making music, Indian mythology itself held music to be divine. Traditionally, the person Narada is considered to be the first who was exposed to the laws of music, given from the gods. At the time, Bharata was considered the first to

Aug 05

Move To A Higher Plan With Astral Breath – The Meditation Music Album By Gulan

It has been said that music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life, it is a transcendental experience for most. Music is the expression of the soul and can make anyone forget their everyday worries and experience a spiritual awakening. Gulan brings you the best way to dive into the most meditative music you can ever hear. His new album The Astral Breath has all the power to take you far away from your tensions and worries.

Feed Your Soul Too

Meditation is often called the food for soul. In fact medical research all around the world has proven the amazing effects of mediation on human mind. It can actually get you relief from various problems, even the most chronic ones. There are various types of meditation techniques but the best one is meditation by relaxation music. It can take you deep inside your subconscious mind. You can therefore feel the tranquil and peace you can never find anywhere else. All you need to do is get the latest album of Gulan, The Astral breath. It consists of five unique and wonderful tracks namely, “Sphere 4”, “Spring Morning”, “Mandala”, “Abstracto 2 and Astral Breath. Listen to these tracks and let yourself get carried away to a different world. This album is easily available; you can get it from, CD Baby, eMusic and iTunes at affordable prices.

Trust Meditation Music

Meditation Music is the panacea for many mental problems. Such problems originate from our subconscious mind. Certain undesired events, trauma and fears hidden deep inside the mind can outburst in the form of problems and diseases. When you listen to deep sounding music, it works upon and heals your subconscious mind. No state can be as enjoyable as the state of deep meditation.

There Are Various Benefits Of Meditation

Aug 03

Samsung M7600 Beat Dj Provides Clear Sounding Music Playback

The Samsung M7600 Beat DJ is a 3G capable music phone that comes from the Samsung Beat range and includes the Samsung M3510 Beat & the Samsung M3200 Beat music orientated phones. The Samsung M7600 has a stylish curved shape casing that gives the casing a modern look. The M7600 Beat DJ comes with a touch screen complete with a high colour display & high resolution screen. The solid Samsung M7600 Beat DJ weights 99.7 grams & the overall size of casing measures 13.9mm in depth by 51mm wide by 112mm tall. This music focused phone comes with high quality music features to entertain all music loving mobile phone users. The music player is the main feature of this stunning touch screen phone that provides clear sounding music playback & playing music in all the popular music formats.

The phone comes with integrated stereo sound speakers for a beautifully clear listening experience & a 3.5mm headphone jack port allows the user to insert a set of compatible headphones to enjoy a more private listening experience on this phone. The Samsung M7600 Beat DJ supports MP3 format, WAV & polyphonic format ringing tones as well as FM radio feature. The phone comes with 3G HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS technology that allows enjoying high speed Internet connectivity & 3G network coverage. The phone works on a GSM & 3G HSDPA networks to enjoy worldwide network coverage. The Samsung M7600 Beat DJ comes with fifty megabytes internal memory and supports MicroSD type memory cards that can hold up to sixteen gigabytes of external memory. There are various samsung mobile phones are available with in market with great offers.

A built in A GPS navigation function on this phone allows the user to enjoy a picture geo tagging feature & helps to find exact

Aug 03

Music Recording School Benefits

There are many people in this world with many talents. Some people have talents that lead them into traditional
jobs. Some have talents that lead them into more creative ones. One of the more popular jobs in the creative
industry can be enhanced by people attending music recording school.

Music recording school is a school that specializes in teaching people the art of sound manipulations and many
other things. There are different jobs that benefit from this type of education and allow people to advance in this
competitive field.

Most people don’t realize that music recording school isn’t just for people that want to be music artists. This
formal training can enhance the careers of music producers, audio engineering technicians as well as TV post
production audio techs or film audio techs. Each of these people deal with different aspects of the same thing.

Music producers are the ones that are helping the
artist compose, arrange and record their musical dreams. These producers attending music recording school will
allow this process to go much faster and smoother. It helps a beginner to have credentials behind their name.

Audio engineers are critical to the music industry. These people
benefit by going to music production school because they learn how to run the music sessions as well as work the
equipment. By learning all these different things, they are helping the artist and producer bring all the visions
to life.

Film audio and TV post production
audio do very well after they have attended music recording school. Normally, they are learning how to build sets
to enhance the desired sound they are seeking. These technicians are getting valuable training on how to use
various equipment so they can succeed.

There are many schools that don’t allow their students a hands on approach. Music recording
schools have access

Aug 02

The Benefits Of Relaxation Music

The type of music which some people refer to as relaxation music is becoming more and more popular. Although various forms of relaxation music have been around for a very long time, there are some reasons for its increasing popularity.

First, as more people have lives which are filled with busy, stressful schedules, the need to unwind either periodically or on a regular basis has become more apparent.

Second, there are more methods and techniques available, and they are more widely available than ever before. With so much emphasis on topics such as meditation, healing, relaxation breathing exercises, and other similar subjects, music which corresponds with these concepts is also in demand and noticeable.

In addition, favored music is no longer limited by age group or other classifications as it was in the recent past. You will find youngsters and their grandparents enjoying this music as well as average adults and active adolescents.

The various styles of relaxation music are all heralded as the most popular. One style is the music which is focused on nature. You can find music that will put you in the mind of being in the mountains, relaxing on the beach, walking in a deep green forest, or enjoying the cool salty breeze from the ocean.

You can also find relaxation music which includes sounds of nature’s finest, such as whales and birds. Whichever natural scene brings you thoughts of beauty, harmony, and peace of mind, your music will take you there. It can be a pleasurable surprise at any time of the day or night.

If you prefer, you can have relaxation music in the form of instrumental music. Although it is always a matter of personal tastes, many people prefer the calming melodies from stringed instruments such as harps. This fine music will relax and calm

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