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Aerosmith TicketsA classic hard-rock band hits the road again

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The Rolling Stones’ sexual swagger and hard rock living was personified by Mick Jagger’s lips. Aerosmith’s were personified by Steven Tyler.

Both came out of different decades, but both were also prime examples of down and dirty rock -n’ roll in their heyday. The -70s arena rock giants struggled to compete with Aerosmith’s sound, and the entendres and subtext in their songs earned them the favor of critics looking for more than just a band that pulverized eardrums.

The band formed in 1970 in Boston. Singer and frontman Tyler met guitarist Joe Perry while both were working at an ice cream shop. Bassist Tom Hamilton and second guitarist Brad Whitford soon signed on, with Joey Kramer on drums. After a couple years of gigging, the band inked a contract with Columbia Records and issued a self-titled debut. “Dream On,” their first single, made the rounds on the airwaves, but overall the band was overlooked. 1974’s follow-up, Get Your Wings, didn’t help that much more.

It was 1975’s Toys in the Attic that became the band’s breakthrough album. They were bluesy, they were hard rock, they even had a little metal influence to them, and altogether they had a sound unlike anything else out there. What helped the most was Tyler, who was an audacious frontman, vamping on stage and penning sexually suggestive lyrics that kept people listening for what the songs really meant, as well as often injecting humor into the blaring noise.

Toys in the Attic did moderately well, but when “Dream On” was re-released as a single, it shot up the charts and turned the band into overnight superstars. “Walk This Way,” another single, became a defining anthem for the band, and helped them sell their fourth record, Rocks.

As the -70s wore on, the band released several more records that, while still successful, seemed to perform less and less poorly. The rock and roll lifestyle was taking a toll on Tyler, who collapsed on stage during one concert, eventually prompting him to check into rehab. A lot of band restricting happened as well, with members coming and going.

Considered somewhat washed-up by the mid–80s, Aerosmith surprised everyone by roaring back to life on a new version of “Walk This Way” that featured hip-hop act Run DMC. The mix of rap and rock broke barriers and caught audiences by surprise. It also reignited the band’s career, leading to several classic albums, especially 1989’s Pump. The band only released two records in the -90s, both receiving mixed reviews, though they performed well commercially. But their fans haven’t been dissuaded-just look at how fast Aerosmith tickets sell out, and you can tell there’s still a lot of love for these classic hard rockers.

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