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Feb 28

Different Genres Of Country Music

Country music began to gain momentum at the beginning of the twentieth century. From humble roots in the United States, country has gained recognition all over the world and evolved to the point where there are two types of country music, classic country and mainstream country music. On internet radio, you can find your favorite …

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Feb 25

How To Find The Perfect Music Box

There are many types of music boxes to collect. From beautiful inlaid music boxes to exquisite wooden keepsake boxes and carousel music boxes, the music box and antique collector have much to choose from. Four special music boxes to collect are antique music boxes, traditional music boxes, regue music boxes, and porter music boxes. Antique …

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Feb 22

The Hottest Rocking Country Music Singer songwriter Brad Paisley Packs The House And His Show With

The hottest rocking country music singer /songwriter Brad Paisley packs the house and his show with hits. The signs that the concert industry is in for another difficult summer were there for all to see Saturday during the rocking stars show at the Susquehanna Bank Center. No, it wasn’t Paisley’s gate. Brad Paisley sent a …

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Feb 19

Meditation And Meditation Music

First, I’m seriously wired by nature and am not someone who can stop thinking. I have learned to meditate very effectively once I learned some facts about real meditation. Problem one is thinking that you can’t meditate, or it’s not real meditation if you have thoughts going through your head. You do NOT have to …

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Feb 18

Independent Music Promotions – New music marketing options for indie bands

Independent Music Promotions – New music marketing options for indie bands With the music industry becoming more saturated all the time, and with less money to be made from album sales, indie bands don’t know where to start when it comes to music marketing. Most artists record an album, upload it to Bandcamp, Soundcloud or …

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Feb 17

Music Marketing Tips Learn How To Sell Your Music Online

The first step of marketing your music online will be creating a website to sell your music online. Your website will both show off your talent to the visitors and convert them into fains who buy your music. Good online marketing campaigns are usually backed with powerful email management system called autoresponders which are very …

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Feb 15

Dinosaur Pile-up Indie Rocks Using 8-track Recorder

For the past few years, electrifying new alternative rock bands come out that showcase truly fresh perspectives in music, which was not heard and presented before. Some music lovers believe that UK’s music scene is still as thrilling as it have ever been. It is quite excited to acquire a Dinosaur Pile-Up’s music. If you’ve …

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Feb 15

Mainstream Artist Vanilla Ice Goes The Underground Music Route

Everyone has heard a Vanilla Ice song, and its probably the same one. Even if you dont know who Vanilla Ice is by name, you would know by recognizing his enormous 90s hit, Ice Ice Baby. Vanilla Ice was so popular in the early 90s, his song Ice Ice Baby was the first hip hop …

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Feb 14

Why Do You Love Music

Music is a universal language; a beautiful language that your soul and heart responds to amazingly well. It appeals to you. Whether it is blues, emo, indie or alternative songs you can always depend on music to take you through some instances in life when everything else fails. That is why you love music. You …

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Feb 13

Fromm’s Country Music Sweeps The Globe

Started in 1999, Fromm’s Country Music began on an incredible path of music and faith, building a library of content which eventually began to sweep the globe. Hailing from Gap, Pennsylvania, just one hour outside of the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, the foursome create an exciting, diverse sound which appeals to lifelong country fans …

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