Oct 15

Nu Metal Music Genre

A branch off of the heavy metal music tree is known as Nu Metal. Nu Metal has been known to blend different styles of music elements and styles into their music, such as Grunge, Hip Hop and Punk. Nu metal bands commonly used melodic singing, aggressive vocals and forms of hardcore punk.

This term “nu metal” meaning “new metal” was introduced in a Spin magazine article. As time went on and the genre expanded the “new metal” term was changed to “nu metal.” It was presented at the end of the movie “Get Thrashed.” Nu metal music genre was started in the 90’s and rising to its peak in the start of the year 2000.00.

Korn’s third album “Follow the Leader” which sold for 9 million copies across the globe gave the nu metal community a boost in popularity. More and more Metal Music Bands were helping the nu metal community grow. With Korn leading the way for the nu metal community, other bands come out to the public.

As the nu metal community grew, so did bands popularity. After the release of Korn’s “Follow the Leader” album bands like Limp Bizkit, Coal Chamber and Staind started selling and becoming popular. Most of these bands come out of LA, California, like Spineshank, Coal Chamber and Static-X. Nu Metal bands such as LimpBizkit, Slipknot, Disturbed, Sevendsut, Godsmack and Soufly began to become very popularity and successful. Most of these bands would join popular tours like Family Values Tour, Lollapalooza and Ozzfest. The biggest tour that featured nu metal bands was the 30th anniversary of Woodstock that had mostly nu metal bands in the lineup.

The number of bands grew with time in the nu metal genre. Linkin Park, Papa Roach, P.O.D. and System of a Down all became big hits, pushing most of their albums

Oct 14

Start Making Original New Indie Pop Music

But occastionally, even the most notable independent artists, to the newest indie musician on the blog, we all sit for hours with nothing to write about. If you can, try to save money for a better recording because it is such a good investment when it comes to making 90s rap works.

Stress-free placehelps, and if you always choose to create in a studio, make sure that you have become comfortable in it. Once you have finished your creation, make sure to track it. A prime example of how artists are bringing back that 90s Hip Hop feel can be found at

Excellent Indie Music Artists Need the Proper Environment…

But if you are just starting out, you can put up your home recording studio and try to record it in the best you can. Do you always suffer form creative block?

Write whatever you feel like writing and play whatever you feel like to your heart’s content. Another problem you have with writing as new 90s hiphop music musicians is uniqueness. As a new 90s Rap artist, you need to have phenominal writing talent. But the truth is that creative idea is just inside your head waiting for the right moment to pop out. So what can you do about it? motivate your brain to get it ready for creating some truly original new indie works. Stay calm and wait for that genius piece you have been waiting for. Making music is not an overnight process, and sometimes a song can take months of creating before it can actually be recorded. Do something that takes a creative process. After that, review what you have written and if it sounds too familiar, make an effort to come up with a good style.

New 90s Rap Artists Need Inspiration!

Watch a show, listen to some old

Oct 14

Country Music Lyrics Some Facts You Need To Know About Country Music Lyrics

Are you a country music fan? Well me too. I am a huge fan of country music stars like Ricky Skaggs and Randy Travis. These amazing singers were more or less responsible for the revival of country music in the 1980s. And who can forget Randy’s song Three wooden crosses which he sang to respect the veterans of Korean war.

Apart from these guys there have been many others who have greatly influenced country music through the 1930s like Monroe and Vernon Dalhart. But the problem is that there music is very hard to find nowadays and even if you can manage to get a copy, it’ll be in such a shape that you’d hardly be able to make out anything.

So what to do if such a situation arises? Well do what, search for the lyrics. As such you’ll also need lyrics for a few later singers too because of their odd accent. Well these country music lyrics will also come in handy if you are planning for some event where you need to sing a song. There are hundreds of websites which offer not just country music lyrics but also a collection of lyrics of songs of other genres. And the best part is that most of these websites are either free or charge a negligibly small amount of money. There are certain websites which are totally dedicated to country music and on such websites you can expect to find the lyrics for even the oldest country music.

A few of the websites which offer country music lyrics are:

1. www.anycountrymusiclyrics.com
2. www.countrygoldusa.com
3. www.hit-country-music-lyrics.com
4. www.cowboylyrics.com
5. www.musicmoz.org
6. www.metrolyrics.com
7. www.countrymusicabout.com
8. www.songlyric.com
9. www.countrymusicplanet.com
10. www.angelfire.com

These websites offer lyrics for almost free. Apart from the

Oct 13

Music Can Be A Hobby And Interest That You Can Use In Your Future

Many of us think of our futures as going to college and getting a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree in business, nursing, education, law and many other degrees. Most of us have hobbies and other interests, but they might not fit in with something that fits into our future that can provide an income for our family.

The exciting part is that there are certain hobbies that we have in our lives that can become our future and that there are specialized programs that can take us places with our hobbies.

Let’s take a look at music. This is a pretty general category, but all of us have some kind of interest in music. Most of us listen to music, such as rock and roll, rap, oldies, smooth jazz, country, classical and the list goes on. There might not be programs for those of us that love to listen to music on the radio, but there are amazing programs for those that play instruments or have specific interest in music.

All of us can appreciate the talent of playing musical instruments. Most of us can’t and recognize that it takes a special talent to further your musical talents. For those that have a special love of music and the talent to share their talent can choose to further their education in music programs. Not only are there beginning programs, but graduate music programs available for those that want to take their future far in music.

You might be thinking that it is only those that play musical instruments that have a future in getting a degree in music. If you are have a love for music there are many different programs in the music industry to go into in furthering your education. There are areas and courses that are offered in the

Oct 13

How You Can Select a DJ for a Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is not complete without a DJ who will provide the music that will make the event exciting. Making use of a wedding DJ is more advantageous than hiring a live band because guests will have the opportunity to dance to varieties of music at a low rate for the host. The DJ will also serve as the master of ceremony who will ensure that the event is hitch-free and guests are adequately satisfied.

It is important for you and your future partner to have a discussion on your budget for the wedding reception music. The discussion should also be extended to other people that will contribute to the success of the wedding like your parents. You can make enquiries from your friends who have just gotten married or who have recently attended a marriage ceremony for recommendations on a good wedding DJ. You can also make enquiries from the venue where the reception will take place for recommendations. You can also go online to search for available disc jockeys in your area so that it will be easier for you to contact them.

Furthermore, you should put a call through to the disc jockeys you have been able to shortlist. You should ask about their experience and style which will go a long way in helping you to make the right choice. It is very important to get confirmation from the wedding DJ you will be hiring that he will be available during the period for the reception in order to avoid any disappointment.

You should get the names and phone numbers of some of your favorite DJ’s past customers. Put a call through to them and ask for their opinion on the disc jockey you want to hire. Meet your choice DJ personally

Oct 11

Dj Business Start Up Secrets How To Start A Dj Business

I have talked with a lot of would-be DJs over the years. What is the most common question I hear from them? What do I need to start a DJ business? That makes sense, because most people think a DJ has tons of equipment, knowledge, and other stuff. But the truth is that you really dont need much to get started. Almost anybody can start a mobile DJ business for under $1000 and a little bit of time. Heres what you need to know:

Lets start with equipment. This is what people tend to believe is most important in the DJ business. Not true. DJs have a wide variety of equipment options, and you will rarely see 2 guys/gals running the same setup. Basically, you will need speakers, a power source, and a sound source. Lights are optional, so we wont even cover that here. Your speakers might include their own power, or you might need a separate power amp. Your sound source can be a CD player, iPod, laptop, or even a true dual deck player like many DJs are using these days. Equipment-wise, thats about it.

The real kicker is music. You have to develop a large music library that covers all genres, eras, etc. If you DJ a high school prom, you have to own the appropriate music for those kids. If you DJ a 50 year reunion, you will need a very different playlist for that event. Get the idea? You need it all. Sure, you could try to limit yourself to events where the music fits your personal tastes, but you want to make money. Cutting out certain kinds of music means cutting your pay drastically. So own it all and play it all. Grow your library constantly!

Lastly, you will need some business savvy.

Oct 10

Global DJ utensil trade name

Numark DJ Industries is a global DJ utensil trade name. Positive makes DJ mixers, turntables, also DJ video players. Recently, palpable introduced DJ DVD mixing consoles. Numark DJ, has also started to build upon the globe of computer D Jing through its confess mixing software called Cue. Numark DJ, has launched a second brand, ION Audio whereas their consumer line goods including many electronics that advertise hold to computers via USB, again recently extended its portfolio suppress the catch of Alexis and Akai. Undocked ION Audio turntables vitality the user to use iTunes to successfully complete the conversion process. Numark DJ, is obsessed with designing machine that meets the inherent need of every DJ. That’s why the trenchant of Numark DJ, has been quote in scratches, breaks, and beats as more than 30 years.

Before we develop new products, we ask these questions? What apparatus does a DJ lasciviousness to create and achieve a surname sound? What functions and temperament will allot a DJ ultimate control and adept in battles, clubs, studios, weddings, and sets at the house at the end of the street? Hercules DJ Console RMX >

How can we interject new, industry-leading technology that empowers DJs to raise the roof on performance? Numark DJ, premise is that only unrivaled company matters: The DJ’s experience. Whether its basic instruments or the most advanced gear for DJ professionals, our equipment is designed again engineered to stand progression to the demands also needs of the performing DJ.

Numark DJ, has produced dozens of products that changed the prospect of the DJ globe. Numark DJ, innovations include the world’s highest-torque turntable motor, the first 100% digital 10″ erosion mixer, and the first disc players that make certain simultaneous operate of multiple effects. Today, Numark DJ, is at the

Oct 09

Best Reasons for You to Access Music News Channels

Going through the latest music news will help you in keeping yourself abreast with the regular updates on the entertainment front. Apart from obtaining relevant knowledge about artists performing a specific song sequence or singers honing their crooning skills, you can know about those interesting gossips that have been in circulation. There are some frenzy music fans who would be interested in knowing about the private lives of their favorite music artists too. In addition to such details, you can have information about music releases that have been on the social media channels to a maximum extent. Future release dates of those albums that you have been waiting with a baited breath too could be known.

Interesting music news generally cover interviews about those pop stars upon whom fans would like to drool over. Latest happenings in the music world too could be covered without taking any special efforts. News reporters have a quick chat with the most happening music artists to feed readers with useful information. Perhaps, you would get more benefits in case you consider subscriptions from popular news websites. In addition to having access to latest updates, you can know what exactly your favorite music artists are doing currently.ly.

Also, music portals are abuzz with audio albums belonging to different genres. Celebrity music composers team up with reputed singers in order to create a sensational album with lilting background score. After hearing such songs, you will be able to rejuvenate yourself after a stressful work schedule. In fact, the sole purpose of such albums is to offer a soothing feel upon your mind allowing you to cool off your nerves. Hip-hop artists and solo performers cut albums in such a way that the exact pulse of most of the audience could be felt. This is exactly the same reason

Oct 09

Trick Pony Contemporary Country Music Cd Review

Trick Pony is the latest release from Trick Pony, and is another great one from this talented group.

This CD will grab your attention right from the very beginning with Pour Me and doesn’t let go until the very last note of the very last song Spent, which is another great track by the way.

One of the nicer things about a CD like this is when the talent is this rich even if Contemporary Country isnt your favorite genre you still cant help but appreciate the greatness of the musicians.

If youre a Trick Pony fan, or just a fan of Contemporary Country music this is a CD your collection simply should not be without.

While this entire album is really very good some of my favorites are track 2 – Party Of One, track 4 – Every Other Memory, and track 11 – Can’t Say That On The Radio

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore […as in “Stuck On REpeat”] is track 8 – On A Night Like This. This is a great track!

Trick Pony Release Notes:

Trick Pony originally released Trick Pony on March 13, 2001 on the Warner Bros. Records label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Pour Me 2. Party Of One 3. Big River – (with Johnny Cash/Waylon Jennings) 4. Every Other Memory 5. More Like Me 6. Just What I Do 7. Stay In This Moment 8. On A Night Like This 9. One In A Row 10. Now Would Be The Time 11. Can’t Say That On The Radio 12. Spent 13. Not Hidden Track

Trick Pony includes: Heidi Newfield (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica); Keith Burns (vocals, acoustic guitar); Ira Dean (12-string electric guitar, baritone guitar, acoustic & electric bass, percussion, background vocals).

Additional personnel includes: Johnny Cash, Waylon

Oct 07

The Great Sounding History Of Scratching Turntables

One of the most unusual and unique sounds in modern music comes from scratching. This is a specialized technique that can compliment music of all genres. In fact, there are some deejay mixers that have included it in some well known classical pieces, producing a tantalizing effect unlike any other in history. Check out how scratching turntables have become such an intricate part of the percussionist sound.

Turntablism describes the movement of combined turntable sounds and music mixing. While modern hip hop has brought this sound to new levels, you might be surprised to know some musicians used versions of it back in the fifties and sixties. While these early sounds are in in no way as fantastic and vibrant as today’s mixes, they did become a small step towards a neat and awesome style of percussion.

Several styles of scratching help to make this sound upbeat and worthy of use in mixing. One is the classic baby scratch. This sound is one of the earliest to hit the scene and was an instant hit. From that technique was born others like beat juggling and matching. These are sounds that allow deejays to integrate scratches into music tracks through mixing manipulation.

The style first born into hip hop music using scratching focused on simple repetitive beats. While these were awesome, the sounds that came about using cross fading and other types of sound manipulation became the more popular choice for musicians and mixers. The hits released in the early eighties began a sound integration unlike any other in hip hop music.

Drum mixes, especially some bass beats, with amazing and simple scratch have made some music noteworthy due to its outstanding influences in the music industry. These detailed and prophetic sounds tip off mixing in a

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